Agriculture Land

Farm Land:

We are collecting the Rare and Non cultivable Medicinal Plants from Plains, Jungles and Hills. Apart from this, Plants which are cultivable are grown up in our own Farm. Due to the growing demand for Medicinal Plants around the world, we need to buy the Plants from likeminded people from our nearby areas. As our close supervision in cultivation in inevitable to maintain a standard and to ensure farming under organic manure, we planned to set up farm by purchasing bulk land from villagers. These land can be sub divided and sold to the people willing to do Agriculture as a passion. Also, If the buyers are willing, they may join with our firm by cultivating certain Medicinal Plants. We are dealing with the sale of Raw, Shredded and Pulverized Medicinal plants. As the whole world is increasing the import of the Medicinal herbs from the available countries after the Pandemic (Corona), We together can make use of it .It will yield you a perennial income from your land property and make you a proud owner of Agricultural land in India which produces the Medicinal plants that can be supplied to the whole World. We will help you to cultivate the plants and will purchase them from you.

Our Farm Project Area and Features:

This Agricultural land area is at Eluvani village near Pulvoikarai, on Thirppuvanam to Narikudi road (Thiruchulitaluk, Virudhunagar district, Tamilnadu.) The distance from Madurai is around 28Kms. The area of the land is 25 acres and it may likely to be extended. Minimum 2 acres are to be purchased. A 23 ft approach road will be in touch with each buyer’s land and Barbed wire fencing will be done around the whole property. A common Farm pond ( PannaiKuttai) will be formed and connected by small channels around the property.The cost of the land is Rs 650000 per acre andit includes the land cost, cost of registration,Patta transfer. The Road formation and the Barbed wire fencing will be doneat Free of cost.

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