Traditional Foods

Among ancient civilisations, India has been known to be rich repository of medicinal plants. The forest in India is the principal repository of large number of medicinal and aromatic plants, which are largely collected as raw materials for manufacture of drugs and perfumery products. Treatment with medicinal plants is considered very safe as there is no or minimal side effects. These remedies are in sync with nature, which is the biggest advantage. The golden fact is that, use of herbal treatments is independent of any age groups and the sexes. In India, Medicinal plants such as Aloe, Tulsi, Neem, Turmeric and Ginger cure several common ailments. These are considered as home remedies in many parts of the country. It is known fact that lots of consumers are using Basil (Tulsi) for making medicines, black tea, in pooja and other activities in their day to day life. In todays mankind, the herbal products are the symbol of safety in contrast to the synthetic drugs, that are regarded as unsafe to human being and environment.

Although herbs had been priced for their medicinal, flavoring and aromatic qualities for centuries, the synthetic products of the modern age surpassed their importance, for a while. However, the blind dependence on synthetics is over and people are returning to the naturals with hope of safety and security. It’s time to promote them globally. During the recent pandemic situation created by ‘corona’ our traditional herbs played a tremendous role in saving our people’s life and lowered down the death toll in our country.

We, Jac Agro Products have raised our hands to serve the rest of the world by collecting them from our jungles, plains and hills and from our form cultivation. These Plants are Shredded ,Pulverized in clean environment and kept neatly in a separate godown and preserved safely before shipment.

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